TRAETORMENTAS – TRILOGIA (discografia completa)

CD1 – COD: PRV045

Memorias de luz  & Sombra

Listado de Temas:

1- En tus Pasos
2- Fuego en mi Interior
3- Detrás del Silencio
4- Un Nuevo Infierno
5- Mi Ultima Canción
6- Siempre Estas Aquí
7- Sombras de un Sueño
8- El Gran Bufón
9- Un Lugar Mejor
10- Antes del Fin
11- Un Trueno en Mi Voz

CD2 – COD: PRV019


Listado de Temas:

1-Bajo los Hilos
2-Persiguiendo la Vida
3-Frente al Espejo
4-Buscando Paz
5-Plegarias al Desierto
6-Contra las Cuerdas
8-Al Otro Lado
9-Heridas por Curar
10- Algún descanso al Fin

CD3 – PRV010

Jaque Mate

Listado de Temas:

1 – Una Cruz
2 – Mientras Cruzas la Selva
3 – Estamos Acá
4 – Vuelvo Sobre mis Pasos
5 – Paredes Rotas
6 – La Lucha
7 – Canción de Fuego
8 – Jaque Mate
9 – Hasta ser Libre
10 – Viejo Ritual

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Since the appearance of the previous album “Umbral” changes have occurred in the formation of Traetormentas. But after 5 years and these changes, what has not been altered is the strength and solidity of the band’s musical proposal. In this new LP “Memorias de Luz y Sombra” highlights the fluidity and naturalness with which the compositions happen. All of the group’s own authorship and framed within the traditional Heavy Metal style, cause the sensation of having been born all together to succeed in the order in which they were placed on the CD. Difficult goal to achieve since it is not a matter of work (something that is not missing here), but of a natural talent rarely seen. Traetormentas is “healthy”, renewed and with the freshness that only chemistry among its members can achieve. They are to aim high and it is so that once again they join with Pulmonar Recordables to make the edition of a new opus.


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