ALBEDRIO – InHumano [Digipack]


Listado de temas:

1- Ad Terram (Intro)
2- Ad Honorem
3- Cuando la Espalda de Sombras
4- Palabras de Acero
5- 432Hz
6- D1 A1
7- ExSesos
8- 3 Acordes, 3
9- Humanicida (Parte 1)
10- Melodías de un Luto (Parte 2)

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That an Argentine Heavy Metal group can be described as eclectic, with Groove, variability, and even with all these ingredients, they do not lose homogeneity, would be for ordinary people virtually impossible. “Inhuman”, Albedrio third release (second LP), is a challenge to that assertion. These characteristics apply to this album without forcing their content and show a surprising group with its current proposal. Quite different to their previous “A Quien Corresponda”, but still preserving the essential characteristics of the group: heaviness, identifiable vocalization, complex lyrics, encrypted messages, and acidity critical ideas and irony, in one particular game that always asks an effort of attention and reflection on the part of the listener. The sound achieved here by them is an infinite sum of sub genres of Heavy Rock that forms a single whole that emphasizes the eclecticism previously named. In this way Albedrio previously does not repeat used formulas and maintain a personal touch without losing the fundamental force that any set metalhead should have. If this album may have been released in the 80’s without clash, in 90 in the same way, exactly the same for the first twenty-first century, how it will not draw attention today? To manage summarize heavy rock history in just forty-five minutes is not an everyday thing. Albedrio do it and present, thanks to Recordables and PRV Pulmonar Label, to everyone

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