RESIDUAL – Residual


Listado de Temas:
1 –Dentro de la Esfera
2 – Clandestinidad
3 – Viento a Favor
4 – Desperdiciándonos
5 – Abran Fuego
6 – Abrazado
7 – Miles de Veces
8 –Mi Ficción
9 – Cadenas
10 –Hijo Afortunado
11 – Hola y Chau.

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The anticipated debut of the new project by Javier Cuevas (former Jerikó) presents the guitarist with a fresh proposal, without getting away from the characteristics that consecrated him with his previous group. In fact, he is accompanied by the current drummer of that band. But the compositions of RESIDUAL are more dynamic, adjusted and fluid, within a scheme similar to what was heard before. It should not be forgotten that Cuevas was a fundamental composer of Jeriko’s work, and today, this self-titled LP runs under the full responsibility of his pen. The young new musicians, who accompany him and the outstanding production in the studio, highlight all the special nuances of this proposal. RESIDUAL will attract the taste of the previous and new followers also, thanks to the hook of the songs and to the sincere, and at times, committed lyrics. In addition to all of these, there is a special moment in the adaptation of the classic from the legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Fortunate Son”, to a “Metal format”. All of which makes RESIDUAL obtain as a result, an unbeatable first step.

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