TEMPESTOR – Eliminación en Proceso


Listado de Temas:

1 – Introducción
2 – Devorado
3 – aniquilación total de
4 – Mundo Tóxico
5 – Pesadilla (En la Calle Elm)
6 -TMB (Thrash, Mosh, cerveza)

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Fast, furious and full of passion for the Thrash Metal own of the very origins of this historical genre of Metal in general, is the best way to describe this brief, but forceful presentation in society of the group formed in Campana, province of Buenos Aires . This affirmation is not ambitious or excessively complimentary, when it is left to listen to this set of songs of own authorship of the band. Those who like the above genre and are familiar with it, will not need to read this to understand it and those who are alien to that sound, have an unbeatable opportunity to begin to enter the style, with a new exponent and high level compositional and interpretative . So much so, that this EP (yes, debut EP, as the old glories did) will leave everyone who crosses the road, wanting more. Only the consecrated bands and those that promise a lot produce that. And as Tempestor not only stays in the old ways, but takes advantage of new technologies and means of communication, through the PRV Label music diffusion portal, he brings his work to the world. No excuses, no mercy, Tempestor came to stay and claim a place in his own right.

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