Shipping modes and costs


Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Gran Buenos Aires and Interior de Argentina

Only through the Mercado Envíos system (for the moment), which only works with Correo Argentino, may this be subject to any change that provides that according to need or quality improvement.

All shipments are made once the payment is made through our website and your shopping cart through all of its payment gateways. NO SHIPMENTS ARE MADE THAT ARE NOT PAYMENTS.

Type of shipment: Classic shipping

Delivery times: 3 to 10 days always depending on a third party (Correo Argentino)

ALWAYS provide Tracking or Tracking numbers to perform monitoring and status.


All shipments are made only by Correo Argentino, this may be subject to any change that has that according to need or quality improvement.

ALWAYS provide Tracking or Tracking numbers to perform monitoring and status. where the Number corresponding to the Outgoing Mail and the Number corresponding to the Arrival Mail will appear.

Delivery times: 15 to 25 days always depending on a third party (Correo Argentino) and the local mail of arrival.

General conditions

Our company is not responsible for the loss or damage that may be suffered by the products acquired during its transport. In addition to the aforementioned, we will collaborate to make the claim to the corresponding company.

Shipping costs and Free Shipping

The cost of shipments is subject to the costs of Correo Argentino who adjusts its values ​​according to its policies and on a fairly regular basis, so we are free to apply these adjustments or updates in a timely manner. In turn, MercadoEnvios who works with Correo Argentino also adjusts the Argentine Mail Values ​​and Own Values, which are carried out automatically, so this website has no effect on these adjustments nor can it influence or change them, since, we repeat, they are made automatically by the mother house.

From the purchase of 6 items featured in the store The site offers Free Shipping . This can be modified, adjusted or eliminated according to the site at the time the site wants or believes it to be judicious, being exempt from those decisions who have already offered.

Taxes, duties and Additional

IVA is included in the price within Argentina, unless you have a business and have a IVA number. Orders outside of Argentina may be subject to the import duties and taxes that apply when the Products arrive at specific destinations. You will be responsible for the payment of these import duties and taxes. Keep in mind that we have no control over these charges and can not predict your amount.

Depending on the case that corresponds to the type of packaging according to the article if required you can add an extra for this package which must be paid prior to shipping, leaving the site enabled not to carry out the order if the same is NOT payment.

Delivery term

The products indicated in the store are available for immediate sale, or to supply within the delivery period indicated in the product file, usually 48 to 96 business hours.

In case that one of the requested products is out of stock at the time of placing the order, we will contact the buyer (You) immediately to: either supply an alternative product or reimburse the corresponding amount. The return of the money will be free of charge for the client, but the possible transfer costs in which the buyer may have incurred will not be reimbursed.

The preparation of the order will be made the same day of the confirmation and accreditation of the payment.

There may be exceptions to the delivery times presented here, depending on your location or local mail coverage and, on occasion, you need to hire subcontractors to handle your deliveries.


The products have the legal guarantees applicable according to the current law. All the Articles Tested, of quality and without breakages or breakdowns. The shipments have the insurance provided by the mail