DOMINATION – Doom In Nation


Listado de Temas:

1-Something grows
2-Harder than steel
3-What the streets claim
4-From the other land
5-Enemy Planted – Raise your sword
6-All Around dead – Colors becomes dark
7-The red era begins
8-Doom in Nation
9-On The edge
10-The Mission
11-In front of reality – Follow the beat of your heart
12-At the gates of hell – My last regret
13-Bring me peace
15-Metal Heart (Accept Cover)

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The imposing and attractive Russia will be always land of legends, of millions of stories lived under one flag and one nation. It will be the land of myth, the cold and scheming for the West. Always instilling respect for their mention, it has been plaintiff determinant in human history. Its internal events reverberated throughout the globe and not just within limits encompass a larger portion of the world, but also for being the birthplace of many cultural and political movements of international significance. These lands, in the early twentieth century, lived intense, epic and miserable key moments, at the same time. Czars and their ambition. Their lack of vision upon people they guided, world wars of inevitable participation sowed the way for the Oktubre’s Revolution. Influenced by the new ideas of its time, the giant mobilized masses took a turn unthinkable to human history. Such happenings are perfect to be counted accompanied by Heavy Metal music. Domination took the challenge of doing it from the other end of the world. The result: this debut album entitled “Doom in Nation” where everything was worked carefully up to every single detail. Moreover, in order to tell the story, they retained the original language of the events. Added to this, we can hear their great poise as songwriters and performers, producing a unique traditional Metal album, tinged with melodic Power class made in Argentina. And if apart from all these outstanding features, we add the special guest appearance of renowned Ralf Sheepers, to Pulmonar Recordables was impossible to not take over the publication of this work, as well as its virtual international distribution through the portal PRV Label. Again, the Heavy Metal and history merge to give birth to a conceptual work undeniably distinctive.

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