RUINAS – Ruinas


Listado de Temas:

1-Desde Las Ruinas
2-Pesada Enfermedad
4-Ultimo Sueño
5-Luz en la Oscuridad
6-¿Puedes Ver?
7-Tu Balanza
8-Su Vengador
9-Acido vivo

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If achieving a homogeneous style by adding influences, arrangements and techniques from the different subgenres of Heavy Metal is a merit, the debut of Ruinas does nothing more than demonstrate the ability to create songs with different sources of inspiration and maintain its own and uniform style, without that this mix affects the product and the stylistic certainty of the group in nothing. In this first joint release of Pulmonar Recordables and Virtual Studio, we will find a band that can be said to start from the precepts of the recognized Power Metal style, but that does not stay in its narrow parameters and without the need to add exotic instruments or keyboards. excessive, they arrive at a fresh, powerful and melodic proposal at the same time. With the renowned work in production and engineering of Emiliano Obregón (Lorihen) the group achieves a brilliance of its proposal, which will delight different kinds of metalheads listeners. Julián Amarillo’s clean voice allows us to clearly receive the message of struggle and hope, even if the worst storm occurs (“I will fight”, “Light in the Dark”) or the most classic side of the genre and its lyrical content (“ Heavy Disease “;” His Avenger “). “Ruinas” is an album that hits from the start, it has a hook, it is effective, the sound is impeccable and comprehensive. Few record debuts have the possibility of being like this first full-length by Ruinas artists.

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