Listado de Temas:

1- Apocalipsis Love
2- Nacimos para Perder
3- Swing From Hell
4- Templo de Luz
5- Lo Roto a la Basura
6- Paranormal
7- Cazarrecompensas
8- Vienen del Mono ( Y al Mono Van )
9- Sucio lucro
10- Asesinándonos
11- Barrio and roll
12- El vuelo final del Cóndor

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Nowadays the Rock term is utilizing very light and incorrectly. So it’s time to restore the true musical content that always had and deserves, for this reason appeared on the horizon of the Argentina’s scene Particulares Rockin’ Orquesta, issuing on this occasion, their second album christened “Rock Regulates Rex”. With this one, they show valvular Rock, “blood drive” as in the beginning of the genre, but without stagnating in the basic format that this description would indicate us. This group from Santa Fe goes further and complements its core base with musical arrangements and structures of other musical genres that give a singular bright to their compositions and unique blend of personality. For this reason is that despite being a trio, as you go through the album, you can find a true Rock Orchestra. This is noted by the instruments and guest musicians, as in the case of sax and trumpet or some other instrument which is from the folklore scene. The fact that this LP recorded and produced entirely in the province of Santa Fe, shows that even you can be original and sound at level of excellence, despite being from the Argentine interior and practicing real Rock and Roll. But it would be unfair if we do not remark a further feature of this release from PRV Label (digital , CD and vinyl) : “Rock Rex Regula” bears the mark of the great albums, is heard once, the foot moves , requires a second listen to a third, a fourth , a …


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