MINDSLAVE – Secular Indulgence


Listado de Temas

1- Walk the Wire
2- The Darkest Love
3- To Strive for Grace
4- The Best I can
5- In the Deepest Regret
6- Synergy
7- Restless.

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Music, music and more music. Lots of music and musicality has this amazing Mindslave’s debut album. With Heavy Rock sound they are stretching the boundaries of gender while musical compasses of their compositions occur progressively, to transform them into an exponent that delves into various points in the history of Rock. The 70’s, 90’s and mainly present, merge into a homogeneous dark overtones, sometimes oppressive, others dynamic which characterized the ductile and wise making of Mindslave musicians. The compact, clear sound obtained in the prestigious Panda and PGM Studios, enhances the final result in an optimal way and put the group in a strong position for the artistically future development of themselves. To find moments of jazz, lyrical or acoustic is not a surprise, but what strikes the listener is the ease with which they succeed. And all this, crowned with lyrics that point directly to dark and sad feelings of human beings. The disappointment, frustration and love, are part of the vocabulary of the combo which added to the album artwork and arrangements of each composition, let us see clearly the idea of ​​the good taste of the authors. Reaching the level of maturity that gets Mindslave in a first professional recording is not common and therefore Pulmonar Recordables and PRV Label proudly present “Secular Indulgence” an album that should give that talk.

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