LUZIAN – Spirit of Freedom


Listado de Temas:

1 – Wind Melody
2 – Bad Light
3 – Lunar Eclipse
4 – Paradise Angel
5 – Maid Of Darkness
6 – Ride To The Clouds
7 – Winter Blues
8 – For The Love Of God (Steve Vai. Version)
9 – Yesterday (Beatles-Version)

Bonus Track:
10 – Caminante Nocturno
11- Tal Vez Mañana

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Argentine Rock is experiencing the emergence of a new brood of guitar soloists with remarkable technical and compositional level. Luzian Mar will be a focus of this new wave, because of his technical quality, which developed in his time studying at the Conservatory and with his constant practice and listening to genre´s mentors as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Steve Howe. And if we speak of new wave of Argentine “guitar heroes”, it is because there was a previous experience. From that first wave, we can find on this debut album some two clear examples, perhaps the greatest, concerning the instrument in our country. Pablo G. Soler and Carina Alfie make as godfather and at the same time as guests at “Spirit of Freedom”, confirming the qualities and respect generated by the main composer of the work. In the first portion of LP Luzian Mar shows his ability to express a generic and personal style, full of catchy melody feeling. To leave no doubt of their roots, at second part, his shows a version of the renowned “For the Love of God” and an adaptation of the Beatle´s classic “Yesterday”. Finally this new promise of Argentine Hard Rock shows two sung compositions, serving to expose the full range of options in his proposal. Said Proposal has been made available to the public by Pulmonar Recordables (who is always betting on the outstanding emerging promises).

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