LUGHNASADH LA FORCE – Por la Gloria y el Honor


Listado de Temas:

1 –Por la Gloria y el Honor
2 – Golpe Mortal
3 – Resistir por la Misión
4 – Kraken
5 –Embrujo de Amor
6 – El Mago
7 – Odín
8 –Legado de Acero
9 – Destino A Valhalla
10 – Thor (Manowar).

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Ancient cultures interpreted life through various gods. They could not undergo a single, rigid and limiting one. Nature told them everyday stories all the time. Their needs, their joys, their fears were reflected on Mother Earth. Their legends are those simple stories, those interpretations of everyday life. They are epic myths, endless battles between superior beings, named earthly. The routine was transformed into sacred poetry. Heavy Metal is the music of these legends, of these myths which are teachings, which are reflections of our daily epic. Modern life has its hidden heroism in the same natural situations that happen to us every day and that we happened a thousand times before as human beings. This connection is sacred and eternal. Its energy channeled the creation of this album named “Por la Gloria y el Honor “

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