EDEN – Eléctrico


Listado de Temas

1 -Encender El Fuego
2 -Chica Mecánica
3 -Optimo
4 -Eléctrico
5 -Después de Vos
6 -Mentiras
7 -Nada Que Pueda Hacer
8 -Hormigas
9 -180º
10 -Sincronizar
11 -Será
12 -Stoner Pop

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We could say that “Eléctrico” Eden’s second album shows the band at an optimal time and on the right time of the current scene of Argentina. We might add they still practice the Pop Rock or Power Pop that characterized their previous release. We have to say they repeated the formula of recording in Abyss studios with Gonzalo Iglesias, which keeps excellent health and results. We cannot ignore they continue to engage the current keyboardist of Rata Blanca, Danilo Moschen as a guest keyboardist. And you could also add that it is the perfect time for them to give the final leap to put themselves as a key name in the Argentine Rock scene. But still with all these arguments in hand, we would be falling short to explain the content of “Eléctrico”. It is a clearly a mature band that, knowing their excellence in the practice of their musical style , the space given to include arrangements from styles maybe not so similar to their own or using unconventional instruments like Nickelharpa, charango and traditional drums. Nadín Pesci, as makes her guest singer on “Chica Mecánica” and we could take this as a flagship track for the ambient and catchy hook of current sound / content. Undoubtedly it is the time of Eden and with the temporal context Pulmonar Recordables makes this conjunction be a reality in this new release. The people that hear one of their songs will have to listen to another and so on, because “Eléctrico” will be difficult to take off the mind.


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