Listado de Temas:

1 – Kharma
2 – Knowing to Myself
3 – Funkytension
4 – Déjame Ver
5 – Dharma
6 – Little Green Eyes
7 – Solo Hay un Sueño
8 – My Great Family
9 – Adromay
10 – The Last Time
11 – Princess of a Kingdom
12 – Awake and Live

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It took more than ten years for Javier Bagalá to leave his recorded music again on a full-length album. The previous time was with the mythical national metal heads of Nepal (“Manifesto”) and this time comes under his own name, baptizing his solo debut as “Dharma”. And with the tranquility and freedom that this situation gives the composer, we find all the possibilities, skills and possible characteristics that Javier has as a Rock musician. This disc recorded in the Abismo Estudios, under the production of Gonzalo Iglesias, takes us through different moods and stylistic. Being able to find soft and emotional melodies as in the opening track “Kharma” or “Little Green Eyes”, fusion as in “Funkytension” and Heavy Rock in the rest of the works included in this edition. Although most of “Dharma” are instrumental and Bagalá is a well-known guitarist in the Argentinean scene, we can not define that this is an album for musicians, given that each theme, although it highlights the participation of the guitar, shows homogeneous works of music that can accompany different moments of our daily life. To complete the solo debut, Javier was surrounded by musicians with a career and recognition as Danilo Moschen (White Rat) to name a few, with whom he could finally give birth to the long-awaited “Dharma”.

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