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1 –Don´t Cross The Line
2 –One Look
3 – Unholy War
4 – Reaching The Stars (We Are)
5 – Through The Night
6 – Lonely As Love
7 – Waiting
8 – Hearts Of Fire
9 – Knight Rider
10 – Dreaming Tokyo.

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If you still have the ability to dream vividly with the glorious past, full of fame, commercial and compositional success of Hard Rock from the eighties, Gunner is still the suitable band to not abandon these dreams in the imagination. They retain the ability to travel back in time without sounding antiquated and they do not fail to let it translated into a full-length album again. Where many fails, Gunner remains successful because they do not play only the arrangements of Glam Metal, but holds wide open the range of influences. This situation is evident in subtle arrangements and structures that do not alter the substance of the proposal, which have always characterized and consecrated them. For those who were conquered by their previous releases, there will be no problems in receiving the new singer (in studios) Pyper, since we can even argue that he has a larger flow than it has heard before. And if there were people who have not listen to Gunner yet, they must learn it can be possible to feel the eighties and enjoy it without any complex in the XXI century. Pulmonar recommend not to ignore this launch, as Gunner and his name has installed in Europe and the rest of our continent. Then you tell us we notify you later…

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