GUNNER – Keep Fighting


Listado de Temas:

1 – Escape to Night/ Run & Go
2 – In Your Eyes
3 – Fight to Survive
4 – On the Highway
5 – Restless Soul
6 – Until She Comes to You
7 – Hot to The Stop
8 – From Heaven
9 – Striking ‘till Surrender
10 – Dark Angel
11 – Where the Love is Gone
12 – Heartless.

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Gunner is more than just another rock band. It is even more than a tribute band. Gunner encompassing a multidisciplinary concept that is identified with a particular style, a global golden age of Rock, but even if they respected details of it , they don`t sound outdated or confined within narrow limits. The Gunner’s aesthetic concept is intellectual, is choreography. In seeking to recover, rejuvenate and keep alive a spirit in particular, they deliver this second album baptized “Keep Fighting”, which is keeping the essence, but includes new arrangements, for example those of European Hard Rock not previously noticed. The idea grows, affirmed, maintains the personal touch of the group and displays freshness in their compositions difficult to achieve in bands that take this type of style. Their level and status of vocalizing the lyrics in English, let them have the option of giving an international jump (have been already given their first successful steps in that matter), which surely will set them on the front lines of the current exponents of the genre because, despite and in favor of their country of origin, the title of this album represents the spirit of music. Pulmonar Recordables accompanies this spirit and releases on physical and virtual (through the portal PRV) the second install- ment of one of the leaders of the Argentine Hard Rock. The past looks Gunner proudly, the future waits auspiciously.

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