DESTRIPADOR – Desintegración


Listado de Temas

1-El Llanto de las Almas
3- Misterio
5- Marca tu riesgo
6- Una Larga Marcha
7- Siempre me encontrarás
8- Demostrándote el Terror
9- Masacrando Tu Deber
10 – Evita el Error


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In bygone life of Heavy Metal times when Thrash was a mere embryo, “Desintegración” had been described as Power Metal. Because it doubled the power characteristics covered in the genre. But today, the parameters of that genre were defined in the old continent by dissimilar ways. At the same time, in the South American pampas, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, another peculiar style of Metal was forged. The Argentine Metal or Metal Argento, as they call it today, which could also form the description of “Desintegración” but neither, would be a unique and precise concept. The sum of the elements could bring us the power and spirit that enclose the compositions of the debut album by Destripador. And not in vain, there is a surrounding halo of Creole Metal, since one of its members is forming part of the sound characterized. The drums are in charge of Fabián Spataro, who get started with the primordial Hermetica and then developed the style with Vago. With two guitarists and a very tight bass player, a “The Beast” vocal, with a-melodic-hardened epic impeccable style, is who looks remarkable after all. This is notable in compositions such as the one which baptizes the album (which features with a video clip shot during the official presentation of the group at the festival Metal Para Todos) or their reinterpretation of “En Un Lugar de La Marcha” (originally by Vago and here with Norberto Rodriguez -Walter Giardino Temple- as a special guest, who was the singer of the previous version). There were too many reasons to take the release of this debut LP, so Pulmonar Recordables did it. There are so many more, we list only a few here. Discover the rest is up to the listener.


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