Listado de Temas

1 – Acidamiel
2 – Juego Sexual
3 – caníbal
4 – El Club de los Perdedores
5 – Autopista al olvido
6 – Luna y Vampiros
7 – En el nombre de Nadie
8 – Viaje Vudú
9 – Abril Inesperado
10 – La Makina
11 – Hardmageddon
12 – 2013

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When talking about the city of Arrecifes it is impossible not to relate the first images that are presented to us in the mind, with national motoring. Great exponents of this recreational activity have emerged from there, but this debut album called “Chaos” will invite anyone who listens to rethink this immediate association. This plaque shows the maturation and future potential of the Cannibal, native of the aforementioned Argentine town and great promise of Hard Rock of these latitudes. This is said because the band does not seek to remain clinging exclusively to the limits imposed by the genre, but rather seeks to expand them with certain particular arrangements. These characteristics are shown and are reflected, thanks to the presence of musicians with their instruments. The production of the record is also noted and shows the level reached in every musical term, anywhere in our country. They took a year in the recording of “Chaos” but it seems to have been worth judging by the result and the doors that are opening. And as they are also part of the Pulmonar team, they will have their material available for everyone on the PRV Label site.

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