CARAVACA – Rock Brutal [Digipack]


Listado de Temas:

1 – Estampida (Instrumental)
2 – Lo Ataca de Noche
3 – Arrabal
4 – Looser Generator
5 – Esquivando a la Parca
6 – Rebel Yell
7 – En Negro
8 – Esta es la Mía
9 – Cazador
10 – De Pecados y Otras Yerbas
11- Grietas
12- Too Good Too Be True.

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Since its birth, Rock had the premise and the characteristic of being transgressor of the status quo of its time. It accelerated the pace electrifying the strings. Its distorted sound and sonic velocity frightened the conservative ones from the culture. Lyrics dedicated to simple stories or taboo ones were supplemented with rebellious, hard and harsh messages. Rock was the delight and the flag of the youth. Of the lost, the dreamers, of the aimlessly. It opened the head of generations, in different parts of the globe. To the society, nothing was the same after its emergence and development. But today, Rock is in museums, has plenty of encyclopedias that try to explain it. Rock is part of the entertainment industry like films or professional sports. The only way to restore it to its essence, its sense of danger, was doing brutal. Caravaca presents “Rock Brutal”. Rock as it should be in the XXI Century.

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