Listado de Temas:

1 – Una Cruz
2 – Mientras Cruzas la Selva
3 – Estamos Acá
4 – Vuelvo Sobre mis Pasos
5 – Paredes Rotas
6 – La Lucha
7 – Canción de Fuego
8 – Jaque Mate
9 – Hasta ser Libre
10 – Viejo Ritual

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When the traditional Heavy Rock, the one of always, that even manages to move the foot to the rhythm of Hard Rock and the melodious Hard Rock, very common in Europe, they shake hands and are involved in a first level production, the result It can not be more than optimal and successful. The name of this merger is Traetormentas. And it is a storm of phrases from the guitars of those who hit the first blow and do not escape from the mind anymore. With the base of the bass and the drums holding everything firmly, the perfect space is created so that a characteristic vocalization of the genre, stanzas and refrains that relate feelings and views of the daily life of any person who lives and identifies with the freedom, artistic expression and, why not, the deepest feelings. Jaque Mate is not an album that goes around with laps or excessive arrangements, it goes to the point, at the heart of Rock made and right, with a metallic attitude, it sounds like a winner. Emiliano Obregón is responsible for the production in Virtual Studio. Pulmonar Recordables, is responsible for Traetormentas reach everywhere to make us part of the game, which we know who will checkmate.

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