HAMVIDES – Manipulando Mentes


Listado de Temas

1 – Vendrá por mi
2 – Ser Dios
3 – Abuso y Corrupción
4 – Mentiras
5 – Desde la Oscuridad
6 – Manipulando Mentes
7 – Pueyrredón
8 – Robando en Nombre de Dios
9 – Sin Temor
10 – Tiempo Oscuro

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WARNING: this album has contraindications, please read the following carefully. If you intend to settle in your favorite soft chair, serve yourself a drink that gives you ideal pleasure and temperature. If you want to be carried gently by the cooing of musical notes. If you want to generate a safe zone of comfort, free of worries and unrelated to any reality of daily life in Argentina. If you expect to find chants to vulgar love, to overacted and false sensibility. If you respond to all or any of the above mentioned guidelines, we recommend you, we advise you, indeed, we implore you! DO NOT try to listen to “Manipulando Mentes”. This LP does not give concessions to the search engines of comfortable music and of easy mental adhesion. It will not allow you to numb your neurons with self-help messages, typical of Western homeopathic therapists. This new recording of HAMVIDES will not give you any respite. It is strong, forceful, solid music. Their lyrics are based on the real Argentine society. The rhythm is marked by the classic Thrash Metal of South American pampas, including touches of the most traditional Heavy genre. Please heed us if you intend to continue pretending that you have to lower your tension and not accept what is raw and direct around your daily routine. Take care; HAMVIDES will not do it for you.

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