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1- La Máquina
2- Atardeceres Calientes
3 -Pequeño al descubierto
4- Hagámoslo Juntos
5- Sueño Irreal
6- No Voy a pedir perdón
7- Condicionados del Sur
8 -Pasajero A través del Tiempo

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After many years in the Rock and Metal scene of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, the Raices Muertas manage to realize the dream of editing their first full-length album. This compact disc manages to show the maturity and conjunction of the instruments, which they have achieved with more than ten years of career, many shows and previous independent recordings. Practicing a Thrash Metal with influences from the best foreign exponents, they keep in their turn the essence and the message of the genre in its Latin American version, particularly in the River Plate. And it is not a minor detail related to the content of his lyrics, where you can glimpse life, difficulties and even dreams of our lands. Musically, the group leaves no fissures in its base of blunt-bass, crushing at times and the support of rhythmic guitars that form an impassable sonic wall that serves as support for the classical melodies and single pricking of the lead guitar, which It also brings us closer to traditional Heavy Metal and so that the vocalist can clearly express the message of each song in particular. “Sueño Irreal” are eight songs of own authorship of Raíces Muertas, which will surely be spoken in their country and also in Argentina, where the label is the publisher. From now on the band is inscribed in the history of Uruguayan Metal with this album, but this is only the beginning of an auspicious career.

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