Listado de Temas

1- Kybalion (Part1)
2- Till the end of time
3- The Darkest Hour
4- Broken Dreams
5- Burning Deep Inside
6- Invocation
7- The Oder Side Of Life
8- A New Age
9- Ancestral Tunes
10- Kybalion (Part 2)
11- Don`t Talk To Strangers (Cover DIO)

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If when the listener hears “Kybalion” and raises his eyes to the clear and nocturnal sky. If he immersed in that one, riding on an imaginary horse made of heavenly stars light, as the incessant rhythm of the melodies continue each other intensely and gently, awakening through the deepest unconscious melancholy and hopeful imagination of the human being inside him. If he successfully put wings on this immense and infinite inner dreams, in order to chase the most distant points of an endless horizon. If in this kind of trance he had temporary space for doubts and fears of waking unfathomable monstrosities from his own soul. If all of these have been achieved, it was thanks to the compositions contained on this full length album of Preludio Ancestral. It’s an unavoidable invitation to reach outer space by the way of music.

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