Listado de Temas:

1-Yo Invito
2-La Luz De Mi Destino
4-Vorágine Social
5-Nuestra Unión
6-Tuerto Engaño
7-Baguala de Esclavitud
8-Sigo De Pie
9-Del Dolor

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Direct from the city of Venado Tuerto, “Pachamama” It is presented in society with an album that is truly a compendium of the Metal Values ​​of the interior: friendship, brotherhood Between Equals, endurance and Resistance to That which tries to crush us, repress us . Formed as a quartet Back in 1997, this group of comrades kept fighting until they released an album that they can be fully proud of. A very good sound quality reaches this material that from end to end maintains its brightness and sharpness. Already from the track, the starter, Lucas BALDOMA (bass and voice), Sebastián Cardozo (drums), Patricio Testa (guitar and backing vocals) and Josué Cristófalo (guitar) force us to an avalanche of riffs and harmonies that invade our heads. With a direct rhythm. These four Santa Fe “invite” to be part of a round where we raise the glasses to toast “for the metal.” Shortly after, “La Luz Del Destino” is in charge of attacking us with a fast cavalcade, but with a battery that does not overwhelm, but knows how to adapt to the work that the rest of his bandmates do. “Friend”, meanwhile, takes a few slow steps, until he gets carried away by the distortion towards an incredible solo that at times reminds us of a great hero of our metallic spectrum: Randy Rhoads. “Vorágine Social” embodies a cry of rebellion and denunciation of the emergency Reality that has been going through our Country for decades, and rises as a voice of protest linked to the dedication to the native peoples inside the Disco. “Baguala de Esclavitud” and “Tuerto Engaño” point towards very similar objectives, shooting to kill Against the “official” record. What many probably suspect – But Few verify – Is that the true “Union of metal” occurs far beyond the limits of the great capital. And there we have the fifth theme of the plate that gives us a good lesson in this regard. “Tehuelches, Tobas, Mapuches too / In small groups today they get up / They show that with Virtue and Courage / The darkness does not extinguish their fight” calls us to stand up and continue fighting for our tradition, without surrendering to the cakes “Del Dolor ”.

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