EXILIO – Imágenes de un Recuerdo [Digibook]


Listado de Temas:

1 -Introducción
2- Incomprendido
3- Cordero Crueles
4- Plegarias de Perdón
5- Vientos de Destrucción
6- La Noche de la Verdad
7- Imágenes de un Recuerdo
8- Tendencia Suicida
9- Sed de Sangre
10- Mercenarios
11- Basura Mediatica

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We must confess that this new edition of Pulmonar Recordables is not for everyone. Not for those who are hearing with the low guard, because this debut record of Exilio is one or more sonic shots to the chin. The outstanding sound made ​​in the La Nave de Oseberg allows the discerning listener to receive the furious charge of classic Thrash Metal combined with moments of apparent calm which ends sticking with precision. With a work of guitars that do not give room for the unwary, the power of this group shines. And no less have to do in this function the rhythm of bass and drums which are directly as a heartbeat of a boxer in a struggle. They would be depicting as traditional Thrash, It would be say that they have modern compositions and arrangements and all this will be true. But nobody could deny under any circumstances that the name Exilio in essence involves the blood, the strength and energy of the most prized metalheads elite warriors. And since is so great the power inherent in this release, the packaging had to be at the height and size. With a touch of special distinction for those who are still faithful to the traditional formats of music listening, “Imágenes de un Recuerdo” is candidate to be a memorable acquisition to listener with less complacency toward the obvious and basic Rock.

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