EL FOCO – Caminante


Listado de Temas

1 –Brilla
2 –Que Pasarìa
3 – Espejo
4 – Estas y ves
5 –Voy
6 – Es Por Mi
7 – Nubes de Cromo
8 – Vas
9 – Ella
10 – Caminante
11- Paso del Rey
12- Un Si.

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If we were late in the last century, no one would hesitate a moment to define El Foco as a band of Heavy Rock. But the authors of “Caminante” defy the pass of the time and they are children of their age. We are living on the birth of a new millennium and today Rock is what El Foco shows us in this Long Play. And it’s Rock because it is for the whole family with blood of eighth, quarter notes, and treble clefs in its veins. The wise will distinguish with pleasure the origins, the roots of the arrangements, solos and musical foundations. The fertiles and inexperienced may not refuse the classic hook of the strength of this music and it will be their door to a new world. And the temples of life will approved the message with the delicate grace which characterized them. A band that sings what it feels, and feels like most of the inhabitants of this planet. Dreams to achieve, the pass of time and its pain, the eternal inner conflict and all that could be inspired just by a tune just in the right place are the main reasons. Thus Pulmonar Recordables, witness and participant of the music of our time, releases “Caminante” in any possible format.

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