CONJURO – Próximo Juego


Listado de Temas:

1 – Reina en la Basura
2 – Mentiras
3 – Próximo Juego
4 – Cuando Siento tu Calor
5 – Electrotonto
6 – Seguir Luchando
7 – Vidrieras de Miseria
8 – Payaso Caudillo
9 – Sin Razón
10 – Devuélveme el Alma

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That an ensemble inherits the best of the American Hard Rock sound of the eighties, that its debut plate looks impeccable and with an extra surprise of one of the most widespread vices among human beings and that all this from the idea of A band composed of arrogant, uncontrolled and unreachable Rock N ‘Roll stars, does not always mean that their lyrics and messages only speak of women, motors and vices. Sorcery captures all its potential at the sound level to comply with the general characteristics of the genre, but quickly turn away from the cliches of the same, to give way to more humanized reflections, typical of ordinary people, like them. “Próximo Juego” shows that you can sound with hook, melody and heavy and say things like in “Sin Razón” or “Vidrieras de Miseria”. While many relate to Hard and Heavy Rock with excesses, vices and hedonism, Conjuro is planted in an opposite path, but with the same musical taste, the characteristic riffs and the strength of the Rock of the best race. Pulmonar Recordables and Virtual Studio (where this album was recorded, with the help of Emiliano Obregón -Lorihen-) visualize this and give Spell the opportunity to edit their first record opus in the whole country. The detail of the roulette card that accompanies this edition is a brand that distinguishes and reaffirms that the group is different and that makes them stand out. “Próximo Juego” is a plenary to a singular future.

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