Listado de Temas:

1-Bajo los Hilos
2-Persiguiendo la Vida
3-Frente al Espejo
4-Buscando Paz
5-Plegarias al Desierto
6-Contra las Cuerdas
8-Al Otro Lado
9-Heridas por Curar
10- Algún descanso al Fin

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When a band comes from a cool and in your face album, with the fluidity of “Jaque Mate ” is a major challenge for its successor. The natural solution for Traetormentas is “Umbral”, the new full-length that is undoubtedly a step forward in the artistic development of the group. With freshness, hook and interpretive quality already showed before, now you can listen to a forceful, intense band. They transmitted with these new songs and just polished production that only the barriers manage to contain the energy and electricity that make up this new release of Pulmonar Recordables. Force perfectly embedded with the melodies make all the traditional Heavy Metal genre rejuvenate, putting Traetormentas in a clear position of privilege at the time of finding new talent of the current heavy generation of Argentina. Without any doubt this album transcends the threshold of the challenge of staying and gets even far higher quality and capacity. Such is the power to hear here, that it did not necessary add “modern” arrangements to their compositions. “Umbral” is an album that is “easy listening to”, flowing every minute and promptly, with the intense live activity, they will again draw the attention of Metal lovers of the great quality.


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