DRACONIS – Spreading The Virus [Cassette]


1-Spreading The Virus
2-Stair of The Death
3-When Marduk Defeated Tiamat
4-Mortal Seed
5-Question of the Being
6-Into Nothingness
7-Wrong Ecuation
8-Life like a Board

1-War of Believes
2-My Trip to the Void
3-Sleep of the Dragon
4-Watching the No Horizon
5-Prisioner of the Dark
6-Lanzado Al Mundo Hoy (V8 Cover)

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If there is something that does not worry to Draconis, it is prejudice. They have made a name in the world scene of extreme Metal under, coming from the “last corner of the globe”. They practice an unfriendly style for the “great masses”. They could complain about the technical and structural issues of their country and even more, of their province in particular. Nothing has stopped them to reach this new Long Play. This one confirms all its virtues shown on previously releases, which gave them the opportunity to be released in Europe, among other successes achieved. For the occasion they maintain the guidelines marked in their triumphant predecessor “The Awakening of The Deads”, including perhaps some arrangement more in the instrumental part, but not losing their personality. And if the challenges they normally face were not enough, they decided that this album should be released in cassette format, as in those “good old days” of the groups that influenced them.

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